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Because the game needs changing

TIRA was borne out of frustration with fashion design: doing hundreds of sketches, going back and forth between the cutting table and dress form, and things getting lost in translation between idea and final product.

I tried my hand at product design and architecture, with 3D CAD software, and was blown away by how it made design a blast. Why can't we do the same for clothing and cloth? I tried to design clothing in such software and found that it was a torture, because fashion and cloth-friendly operations and technology simply didn't exist.

So we set out to change that.

Design is not just a picture - it is the process of bringing an idea into reality. And that process has twists and turns, and forks in the road. Current 3D tools for apparel force you to work through patterns and template - how are you supposed to know its 2D construction when you don't yet know precisely what the design outcome will be? You envision something wonderful but old school processes means you have to compromise for lack of time and resources. Maybe you are not a designer yet. You want to turn an interest into something more, but don't know where to start.

The wait is finally over. Join us now.

What will you create?

The new era for clothing creation is finally here