The new paradigm that supports how creatives have always worked - collaboratively, experimentally, iteratively.

the design of your dreams

Sketching, modeling, and ideas first. Pattern later.

The design-first paradigm means you can make shapes right away in 360o by drawing out the silhouette and other curves.

Take the trial and error out of pattern cutting

Our Flat Pattern Solver figures out the necessary seams for any given shape and material, while also taking your direction.

Drape and play as if you are in the studio, but with the ability to Ctrl+Z, without fabric waste

All kinds of freeform fabric manipulations based in reality, in real time.

an intuitive and enjoyable workflow

Design actions for natural thought processes

A safe and encouraging environment where you and your team will feel confident to play and take creative risks.

No tradeoff between creativity and productivity.

Start and go anywhere you want: sketch, drape, 3D model, or pattern

Freedom to do whichever is best for your design goals, and to leverage your existing assets and skills.

Changes automatically ripple through all aspects, so that the entire design stays in sync.

An all-inclusive, design-driven paradigm

The design develops into the sample and contains data for the Bill of Materials and Bill of Processes, for the SMV.

No artificial separation and work duplication between sketch, development, sampling, and SMV.

transparency and agility for your organization

Resource lightness & liquidity

Support core activities and lighten existing workload. No extra liabilities or resource dedication.

  • No dedicated hires for virtual sampling
  • Flexible roles and extensible workflow
  • One tool with multiple access points

Automatic responsive costing

Real design actions means we can generate real data attributes on the fly.

  • Estimate SMV & consumption during development, not after
  • Know the cost implication of each design decision
  • Respond quickly to changes in consumer demand or supply chain

Collaborate on unified true data

In this paradigm, the design is a tangible, singular live asset.

  • Extract, modify, propagate various aspects of data
  • Information flow can be multidirectional
  • Designer, buyer, and supplier collaborate directly on the design data

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T I R A is now available by invitation to designers and industry partners.
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